Reynard City has moved!

September 20, 2019

After a discussion with our website team, we have decided to move to , reflecting the fact we have rebooted the comic with the new graphic novel series. See you there!

Meeting of minds

December 12, 2008

          Sometimes you need to go back in order to go forward.

Like Bill and Ted travelling back in time to steal some keys, I

headed away from Beccles and to the serene coastline of


           Or to be more accurate, Greenfields wine bar. Once

there, I indulged my sweet tooth with a luxury white

hot chocolate.


         What was the point of this? Well, Linda and I basically

went over the entire RC operation. Not just the cartoon

but the comic, the marketing, everything. I probably

learned more in that one meeting than years of

funding chasing and “training”.


But this is Linda’s great strength- she’s no nonsense

and has that vital air of confidence a producer needs.

“We can do this ourselves!” seemed to be the message and

I was all for it.

          So, what’s next? Well, several things-

1. An overhaul of the website

2. Audio track recorded in first couple of weeks of New Year

(just before my birthday!)

3. A 30 second teaser trailer to show interested parties (so

we can get RC on TV!)

            Will we succeed? I think so. My Dad once said to me

“Why not you?” And I believe that.


Hello world!

April 7, 2008

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