Meeting of minds

          Sometimes you need to go back in order to go forward.

Like Bill and Ted travelling back in time to steal some keys, I

headed away from Beccles and to the serene coastline of


           Or to be more accurate, Greenfields wine bar. Once

there, I indulged my sweet tooth with a luxury white

hot chocolate.


         What was the point of this? Well, Linda and I basically

went over the entire RC operation. Not just the cartoon

but the comic, the marketing, everything. I probably

learned more in that one meeting than years of

funding chasing and “training”.


But this is Linda’s great strength- she’s no nonsense

and has that vital air of confidence a producer needs.

“We can do this ourselves!” seemed to be the message and

I was all for it.

          So, what’s next? Well, several things-

1. An overhaul of the website

2. Audio track recorded in first couple of weeks of New Year

(just before my birthday!)

3. A 30 second teaser trailer to show interested parties (so

we can get RC on TV!)

            Will we succeed? I think so. My Dad once said to me

“Why not you?” And I believe that.


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